The world of the Rosary with the Order of Preachers


  • Crucifixion

    25 July
    A poem composed by Enrico Monaci
    Suffering smothers ideas and
    makes the word vain. Now the Son
    returns to his Father, having on himself
    all the suffering of an excruciating
    death, and cries out his being denied:
    the crux of human folly
    come to condemnation does not relieve
    the perfect communion between Christ
    and man’s destiny.
    The dark hour
    has reached its apex and the heavenly
    powers are upset, the disciples petrified,
    the Mother crying, and justice sinks
    into the abyss, but the power (...)

  • The Rosary saved our lives!

    17 July
    Article written by fr. Gabriel HARTY, o.p. of the Irish Dominicans.
    A teacher in the USA tells how a salesman who needed her signature called to the school. When he produced his pen, she noticed that a Rosary beads had got caught onto the pen’s clip and came out as well. “You must be a Catholic,” she remarked.
    “Not really,” he said, “but a lot of us owe our lives to Our Lady, and I promised Her I would always keep my Rosary with me and say it every day.”
    The story that unfolded ran: It was May, (...)

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