The world of the Rosary with the Order of Preachers


  • Pius XII to the Master of the Order of Preachers

    19 October
    A letter from the Pope Pius XII to the Master of the Order of Preachers, translated from the Latin by Robert MacDonald, Archival Assistant, Providence College, Dominican Province of St. Joseph (USA)
    To the Most Reverend Master General, Michael Browne, O.P., concerning the Marian Rosary.
    Beloved Son, greeting and Apostolic Benediction. We are pleased to know from the reports that you, in a spirit of greatest obedience, have sent Us that the Dominican Order, over which you worthily preside, (...)

  • Enter into hope!

    14 October
    Editorial - October 2014 - N°391
    Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams
    Our theme for the year:
    “To hope against all hope” (Rom 4:18)
    Come, enter through the door of hope, because that door is Christ!
    Better still, Christ is also the Good Shepherd who leads us to green pastures!
    Many of us, our friends, our families, those around us know what despair, or the lack of hope means. What is the point of fighting for life!
    In fact, they do not know whether life leads somewhere! Or they (...)

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