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  • Ithe witũ wĩ Igũrũ: Our Father in Kikuyu

    17 December
    Ithe witũ wĩ Igũrũ,
    Rĩĩtwa rĩaku nĩrĩamũrũo.
    Ũthamaki waku ũũke.
    O ũrĩa wendete wee,
    nĩwikagwo gũkũ thi,
    o ta ũrĩa wĩkagwo Kũu Igũrũ.
    Tũhe ũmũthĩ irio cia gũtũigana.
    Na ũtũrekere mathiri maitũ,
    o ta ũrĩa ithuĩ tũrekagĩra arĩa marĩ mathirĩ maitũ.
    Na ndũgatũtware magerio-inĩ,
    no Kũhonokia ũtũhonokagie ũũru-inĩ.
    Our Father in other languages

  • Let us sing the canticle of the Magnificat with Mary !

    9 December
    Editorial - December 2014 - N°393
    Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams
    Our theme for the year:
    “To hope against all hope” (Rom 4:18)
    Yes, Christ comes in his glory! This is what we live in the time of Advent as we have the great hope that at the end, Christ will come for the living and for the dead in order to take this world into the Kingdom where God will be all in all! Yes, our future and that of all mankind is in God and not in the hands of the powerful of this world who are (...)

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