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  • Tikuoneni Maria: Hail Mary in Cinyanja

    26 January
    Tikuoneni Maria, wa caulere codzaza,
    ambuye ali nanu,
    ndinu wodala kupambana akazi onse,
    ndipo ngodala’nso Mwana wanu Yesu.
    Maria Woyera, amai a Mulungu,
    mutipemperere ife ocimwa,
    tsopano ndipo’nso pa ntawi ya kufa kwatu.
    Hail Mary in other languages

  • In the “Land of a Thousand Hills”

    22 January
    With bro. Raphaël, among Dominican sisters missionaries of Africa
    December 14, 2014
    The third stage of the African expedition for the Rosary was Rwanda that I joined by road from Burundi and where I stayed from December 12 to 17. Its nickname is not usurped: we travelled through "a thousand green hills" to the capital, Kigali, a city that knows an impressive development and which downtown is particularly clean and organized.
    I stayed at St. Dominic’s priory in Kigali and travelled from (...)

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