The world of the Rosary with the Order of Preachers


  • The pilgrim Rosary of the Jubilee - from November 22nd to December 1st

    23 November
    Where is the pilgrim Rosary of the Jubilee of the Dominican Order?
    What are the special events of the next days?
    November 22nd and 23rd: Monastery Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles y Santa Clara in Manresa (Province of Barcelona - Spain)
    November 24th and 25th: Monastery Pamokslininkų Ordino Seserų Vienoulynas (Lithuania)
    November 26th and 27th: Monastery Santo Rosario in Marino Laziale (Rome - Italy)
    November 28th and 29th: Santa Catalina in Valladolid (Spain)
    November 30th and December (...)

  • Abiding in the Love of Jesus

    21 November
    Editorial - November 2015 - N°403
    Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams
    Our theme for the year:
    “Remain in my love” (Jn15:9)
    The "Media" - radio, television, newspapers, internet, every day broadcast the images of the suffering people- refugees - migrants - families affected by war or hunger, corruption or religious extremism...
    At our door where we live daily, opportunities abound either to rescue a loved one, a sick person, or someone who has suffered from bereavement, divorce, (...)

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